Quality Cleaning Services Overland Park Can Rely On

Upkeep of a home can be a full time job. Although most people dream of having a pristine house, being attentive to work and family can limit the amount of time and energy people have to focus on cleaning their homes. Mini Maid of Johnson County would like to help by offering quality house cleaning services to Johnson County residents in the surrounding area can trust our staff to do a professional job and to make their homes look and feel fresh.

Professionals Since 1979

Mini Maid has been offering Johnson County professional cleaning services for over 35 years. As a family owned business in Lenexa, we take pride in hiring a professional staff to deliver quality work. Our entire staff goes through a thorough background check upon hiring, after which they receive extensive training. We trust our employees to do a great job, which is why we offer a 24-hour, 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our work. Simply call our office within 24 hours, and we will do our best to address any concerns.

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Our List of House Cleaning Services

  • Dust all parts of the home including baseboards and light fixtures
  • Cobweb removal
  • Mopping hard surface floors
  • Vacuuming carpets, rugs, and stairs
  • Cleaning entry and patio door
  • Making beds and changing linens
  • Air freshening
  • Cleaning and sanitizing showers, tubs, and sinks
  • Cleaning the entire toilet bowl, including tank and base
  • Cleaning and shining appliance exteriors
  • Washing countertops
  • Loading dishwashers
  • Cleaning microwaves
  • And much more



Our professionally trained house cleaning team arrives at your home equipped, supplied and ready to serve you with your home care needs.

Service to your kitchen

  • spot clean outside kitchen cabinets
  • interior of microwave & exterior of all appliances
  • clean & sanitize kitchen counter tops; all items on the counter and behind them
  • scour and shine sink fixtures
  • clean baseboards
  • clean base of kitchen table and chair legs
  • vacuum, mop & shine kitchen floors
  • remove trash and wipe exterior of receptacle



  • Clean inside refrigerator
  • Clean inside oven


Non toxic, non caustic, non aerosol non bleaching and eco friendly chemicals provide a sanitized, clean and safe environment for your home, children and pets.

Service to all bathrooms include:

  • Bathtub, shower & shower door areas
  • Clean & sanitize inside & outside of toilet, and tile areas
  • Clean & sparkle mirrors & light fixtures
  • Vanity area & items on the vanity
  • Exterior of bathroom cabinets
  • Dust and clean baseboards
  • Fold and rehang towels
  • Vacuum & mop all floor areas


All hard surface floors are vacuumed then mopped with your product.

Dusting: from top to bottom

  • all furniture & items on the furniture
  • pictures on the walls & clean light switch plates
  • exposed baseboards & windowsills
  • chair rails & door frames
  • louvered & panel doors
  • air vents
  • ceiling fans, plantation shutters & blinds
  • clean entry& sliding glass doors
  • empty trash cans
  • general tidy up
  • change linens & make beds
  • add an appealing decorative touch
  • freshen air throughout your home

Mini Maid of Johnson County is ready to deliver quality maid services for Overland Park residents and those in the surrounding area are encouraged to call us today to set up an appointment and receive a free phone estimate.